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PGO’s 1st Overseas Journey- Intersolar2019

Date: 2019-05-20 11:49:26

On May 15-17, 2019, Intersolar Europe 2019 was held in Munich, Germany. The Secretary-General of the PGO organized a delegation team to Germany for visit and learning.

During his stay in Germany, Secretary-General Zhou Yuan paid frequent visits to some typical enterprises at home and abroad to understand the market, product and project situation, and also makeanalysis and judgment so as to provide guidance for the follow-up work of the secretariat.

With the strong support of the chairman unit of PGO,Power China Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd. The Secretariat of PGO managed to organize the first overseas activities. The activities are divided into two parts. First, the leaders of the main members of PGO and overseas team work together to analyze the overseas situation and communicate with each other on some overseas projects. Second, members gave technical product presentations and overseas technical design and procurement personnel had some discussions and communications.

PGO Meeting in Intersolar 2019

The chairman unit of PGO, Vice President Wang Yuanhui of Power China GuizhouEngineering Co., Ltd., together with the overseas team, Vice Chairman Cao Renxian of SungrowPower Supply Co., Ltd., Vice ChairmanLuoXinofGCL System Integration Technology., Ltd., Vice Chairman Liu Zhifeng of Jolywood (Suzhou)Sunwatt Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman Dr. Wang Shitao, Technical Director of Arctech Solar and so on participated in the seminar. First of all, it is agreed that the development of overseas markets is accelerating, especially in the traditional European market. However, the development of global markets is differentiated in each region. There are some risk points in some regions. The difficulty to breakthrough all overseas markets can be imagined as a single enterprise will find it hard to intervene in an all-round way. Therefore, each enterprise should choose the sections that they are good at and at the same time strengthen the inter-enterprise cooperation, allowing each enterprise to be able to fully deploy their advantages and go global together. Secondly, if an enterprise sells products only, the profit is very low. Therefore, it is necessary to sell the system, sell the overall solution, and even carry out joint development of the project in order to obtain better profits. At this exhibition, I also heard a voice that the overseas market is rising and the volume of shipments is very large, but the price competition is very fierce, the profit is very low, which is worth thinking. Reasonable profits are still needed for the development of enterprises, because the photovoltaic industry has large investment and high research and development costs, and the product equipment updates quickly. Without reasonable profits, the long-term healthy development of enterprises will be difficult.

PGO Technical Seminar-Jolywood Presentation

PGO Technical Seminar-Arctech Solar Presentation

PGO Technical Seminar-Huawei Presentation

Jolywood, Arctech Solar, Huawei, Trina attended the technical seminar.

PGO Secretary-General Zhouyuan Met Chairman of Global Solar Council Mr.PranavR.Mehta during Intersolar 2019

Intersolar 2019

During the exhibition, Secretary-General Zhou Yuan communicated with domestic and foreign enterprises about the 14th Asia Photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition and Cooperation Forum, which will be held in Hangzhou International Expo Center from October 12 to 13, 2019, under the leadership of PGO. The enterprises accepted the transfer of AsiaSolar from Shanghai to Hangzhou and expressed their intention of active participation,.Zhejiang province enjoys highly developed economy and is also China's major photovoltaic application market. Hangzhou has become an international economic and tourism city with the largest scale and the most standardized development. It is very open and vigorous. This conference will invite nearly 100 foreign expert and power investment enterprises to Hangzhou. At the same time, it will organize an international standard conference. PGO will be responsible for all the tours of foreign guests in Hangzhou, and organize overseas expert enterprises to visit outstanding photovoltaic enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. “We need to go out, but also invite our peers to come in”.

Intersolar 2019


As the first stop for PGO to go abroad, we will summarizethe success and shortcomings of this trip, and make the next step of internationalization of PGO , in order to provide better services for member units and industry enterprises, and make modest efforts for the development of global photovoltaic industry. Again, thank to the leaders of PGO member units for their strong support, and also thanks to many enterprises and friends for their help during the German trip. Especially when we meet in a foreign country, we feel warmer, and our trip to Germany is full of fruits.